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Bunker Builder, Kurt, builds Bunkers, safe-houses, and Safe Rooms to your specifications.   Bunker Builder has built

major military and commercial  Bunkers.    Bunker Builder has built secret, private home bunkers.  

Bunker Builder can build a private / secret Bunker /safe-house, or Safe Room for you.   

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  Your Family is
       in safe Hands with


You're in safe hands with

Bunker Builder

Have a Safe, Secret

Underground Bunker,

or  Safe House,  or a  Safe Room

Built for You by Bunker-Builder Kurt


For Your Family Safety  


160 Sq.Ft. Storm Shelters 

Ready to Ship to your Location



The Family Safety Shelters 

Safe in a Tornado,
Safe in a Hurricane,
Safe in an Earthquake,
Safe in a  Wild Forest Fire,
Safe in a California Super-Storm,
& that is strong enough to withstand
an attack from most vandal and criminals, 

And all that for only $29,500.  


Multiple Uses:   Unlike most traditional safety shelters, the shelters we build are designed for multiple uses.   A single-unit Emergency Safety Shelter can, be used to store valuable family heirlooms, or anything else  that you want kept safe.  

***  We can design it and build it with bullet proof windows so that it can be used like a garage, a workshop or for any purpose you might want.  

***   We can build multiple units together to give you more space for whatever you might want.  

***   We can place two units partially underground and build a house on top of your shelter.   The house can be of normal wood construction or we can build a "House Forever" made of reinforced concrete  -- a house that won't blow away in a hurricane or a tornado.   The House Forever is designed to be hurricane-proof, tornado-proof, fire-proof, flood-proof, earthquake-proof,  and it cannot be destroyed by termites.   Our House Forever is also highly resistant to humans attempting to break in. 

Designed with the Future in Mind:   Shelters can be designed so that it can be used later as step one in creating a larger and more comprehensive, long-term safety bunker system.   Our safety system is easily expandable in units of 160 sq. ft.   Each additional unit costs about the same as your first unit.   On-site construction time is usually less than three weeks.   




Bunker-Builder, Kurt can build for you:

A private, secret bunker  or

A house forever,  or

A  bunker-quality cellar/foundation for a normal house  or

A safe room in a regular house.  

Bunker-Builder Kurt can build anything you need or desire.   He can build it to your specifications.   Bunker-Builder has built major military and commercial Bunkers.   Bunker Builder has built secret, private home bunkers.  (See the section below.)   

Bunker-Builder Kurt's unique construction format in round.   This allows construction to be done secretly under an existing building or under a structure built to disguise the bunker beneath it.  

His round/circular construction is so completely unique that only a very few bunker builders, mostly in Europe, know how to do what he does.   We cannot say more about the actual construction process because we are not about to reveal the details here on the Internet.  

Compared to conventional construction methods, Bunker-Builder Kurt's technique: 

   Costs less,

   Construction time is shorter, 

   The the structure is significantly stronger.  

   Bunker size can be significantly increased with a relatively small
          increase in its construction cost.  

In reality, an underground family bunker is a safety net for you and for your family.   If you are like most family leaders, what you're really looking for is the internal peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have done the absolute very best you can for your family.  

The Bottom Line:   With Bunker-Builder, Kurt, your bunker is secret!   Nobody knows it exists, except those who are supposed to know about it.   You can rest with peace of mind knowing the your family will be safe in an emergency.

The Bottom Bottom Line:     If you're  thinking about long-term safety for your family in times of emergency, consider becoming part of our Safe Haven Community.   Our Safe-Haven Community is made up of several families who pool their resources to produce a shelter, which in an emergency, they will all share.   The above ground area will consist of individual homes in a private-access-secured  residential complex.    The underground portion will be a condominium-style bunker complex.  

Creating a Safe-Haven Community

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Bunker-Builder Kurt  

Bunker-Builder Kurt has forty years of experience in building underground, secret bunkers, safe houses, safety shelters, and other major constructing projects.   For example, he built the secret, underground aircraft hangers in Iraq for Saddam Hussein.   During the 1991, Desert Storm War in Iraq, he taught the American military how to seal the hanger doors with special magnesium bombs so all the Mig 29's in  Saddam's entire air force was trapped under ground.   This gave the American forces complete, total, and un-challenged  air superiority.   To learn more about Bunker Builder Kurt please see the page titled:  Bunker-Builder Kurt's Background.    


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Your Family is in safe Hands with

Bunker  Builder


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